Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Sacred Within

Within you and me there is Something so profound and yet so intimately myself and yourself : it defies description, words, concepts or labels.  Within our deepest selves, listening to the whispers of our hearts and the clanging of our minds, is pure innocence : our Sacred Self.

The Sacred self has always been there and will always be there, whether you are conscious of It or not.

You may have a distinct childhood memory or two of this part of yourself.  It may show up in dreams or visions and a sense of guiltlessness.

But as time went along, you may have learnt that this part of yourself, is also very sensitive, and has very intense feelings and you realised that this is the most vulnerable part of yourself.

And then a process of protecting and defending started and it was easier to feel guilty or responsible than to feel so vulnerable and to feel so deeply.  The protective layers became thicker and eventually you could no longer remember why you started to defend in the first place.

All along, the sacred self is waiting, biding its time.  As soon as you start to slow down or come to a standstill, the Voice within will prompt you to undertake the Holy Fool's Journey :  a journey of waking up to Whom is sleeping within you. The Holy Fool sets out to become Self-Conscious, to know its deepest Sacred Self.

  The journey starts in the belief and experience of duality and separation.

and it will lead you to the ground of your being and you will come to know yourself and your deeds as the fruit of the Sacred.

These are SoulCollage cards made by myself from magazine clippings.  SoulCollage is a creative method of accessing the subconscious self, designed by Sheena Frost.  You can find more information at



  1. Good afternoon, Hettienne. I've been following your soulcollage cards with interest. I especially like the Christ against the Asian temple background. The bottom is also appealing and is that Annie Leibowitz in the corner??

  2. The journey to finding the most sacred self is a journey I'm so blessed to be on.
    I love your soulcollage. I hope to be able to expore this type of collage making.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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